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How to Start Your Fat Loss Journey

Last weekend, I spent the majority of my time at the rider’s education course over at Raritan Valley.

I registered to take the course originally on Mother’s Day weekend but for obvious reasons, had to switch it.

So why? Because, I had been thinking for some time that I wanted to get a bike but the thought of ‘how do I even go about it’ were always looming.

Until I buckled down and really asked myself, ‘Ok, what’s step number 1?’

And registering for the course was number 1.

Much easier on the mind compared to going out and buying a bike and then figuring out how to ride and on and on.

With fat loss, it’s the same thing. What is step number 1?

What do you need to learn and what habit do you need to focus on?

One day at a time, then, when the time comes, you go onto the next level of your ‘video game’.

In short, you begin your fat loss journey by getting clear on step number one and eliminating the story you are telling yourself about the obstacles you’ll be facing.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-If you feel like you are at a dead end with your fitness and have no idea where to begin, we got you. All you have to do is email dana@newellstrength.com and she will provide you the guidance you are looking for, no strings attached.

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