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How You Can Reframe Any Terrible Situation That You Find Yourself IN

I just completed recording episode 263 of Unlocking Your Inner Strength a couple of minutes ago.

And the stuff I was talking about is too powerful not to recap in the written word for your benefit.

So with that in mind, here it is….

I had a Mind Map session with a client today that hired me specifically to get him out of the funk that he found himself in.

It is one of my favorite things to Coach people on, by the way.

Anyhow, he was wronged at his place of employment, I’ll just leave it at that. This situation has left him confused and looking for the next chapter of his life.

How can something like that possibly be reframed into a positive you ask?

Wa LA:

-The creative process has three phases, anyway you slice it. Thoughts, words and actions. It normally begins with your thoughts, but this can be reversed too. But I am not going to go into that here. First, you must become aware of your thoughts. I call this ‘meta-thinking’.

-Your strengths will come from what once perceived as a weakness. I dare you to try and think of any of your strengths and not trace them back to a perceived deficit. Now, just because strengths come from weaknesses, does not mean they will. That is up to you to curate and reframe and know that it is possible.

-Find the truth in the hurt. Let’s suppose you were let go or cut from a team, even if you know in your heart that you were wronged, you must find some truth in it. Where can you become better at what you do? How is this situation an opportunity to become better?

-Know that anger and fear are like a boomerang that will always come back to hit you in the chest, right where it hurts, in your heart center. You must go back to the first bullet and become aware of these thoughts when they enter your mind and have a way of stopping them. You can’t stop the train of negativity if you aren’t aware of where it begins. Anger is based in the past and fear is based in the future. Both of those don’t exist except for in your mind. Read that again because the realization will blow your mind once you realize the truth in it.

-Forgiveness. Such a simple concept, so hard for most to practice. Forgiveness is about freeing yourself. Think of it like this, ‘Thank you FOR GIVING me the opportunity to grow’.

-Your brain works in pictures and questions. That’s another one that is mind blowing once you realize the simplicity of it. Ask yourself the question, ‘What’s great about this problem?’ And then, if you find yourself getting caught up in the negative vortex of bad emotion, see yourself dropping your end of the rope. A rope needs two sides to be pulled to create tension. Pulling with your end is a choice.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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