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‘I Never Realized How Wonderful Being Strong Felt’

This is a special edition of REAL. For the first time, I interviewed a Newell Strength client, Ania Jernigan and got the inside scoop on what drives her, her mindset, her commitment and more.

Ania has a very unique perspective on work ethic because she is an immigrant to America, by way of Poland, back in 1990.

In case you weren’t aware, she and her son, Aleks, are two of the reasons Newell Strength was able to stand tall and be the first gym in the state to officially open back in May of 2020. Enjoy the show! You can listen or watch it in ful, here:

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-The legendary Ripped Dads contest is back and spots are flying off the shelves! The contest begins March 15th and is 45 days and has multiple (new) components to it. Only consider this if your heart is telling you it’s time to take the next step in your life and become the Dad you know you can be. You can apply for a spot by reaching out directly to me via text at 908-229-6666.

P.P.S-If you are interested in one of our limited 1-1 personal training spots, send an email to dana@newellstrength.com with ‘personal training’ in the subject line.

P.P.P.S-I will be holding a virtual ‘Goal setting’ workshop next Monday at 8:15 PM. There’ll be sure to be stuff you’ve never seen before and you will walk away with the ultimate clarity for the immediate future of your life. Plan for about 45 minutes. To register, go here: https://www.newellstrength.com/goals

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