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I Stepped Into Tesla’s Time Machine

Two Fridays ago, I went over to one of my great friends' houses to celebrate the opening of his new bar in his basement.

It was quite awesome, the bar came out great and Leo, my grandfather, a long-time Italian stonemason helped with the concrete pour so it was an extra special occasion to witness and be a part of.

Anyhow, one of my old buddies, Mayhem, was there. We hadn’t seen each other in some time, so it was beautiful to catch up with him.

As we were chatting, there was a song in the background from when we were in high school and it brought me right back, 20 some years.

Yes, this is the power of Hebb’s Law. I felt the positive energy that those memories brought back instantaneously from when me and Mayhem and some of the very same crew present would hang out back in our high school days.

Many people don’t realize that although physical time travel is out of reach at this point for the mere mortal, we can transport mentally and emotionally anytime we want.

But rather than transporting to the future (this is what fear and worry typically are), go back in time and feel the positive energy by connection and some music that resonates with your spirit.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are now accepting trial clients for our December Trinity Transformation. It begins December 1st and we can take up to 10 people per each location. If you are interested, you can reply to this email and we will set up a short call with you. Act now or you’ll miss out until next month.

P.P.S-We will be having our annual Thanksgiving workout for charity on Thanksgiving morning at 7 AM sharp. It will be outdoors due to circumstance but the show must go on. Non-members are welcome to join including out of town visitors. There is a minimum $10 donation to participate. All proceeds will be going to a local man, more details to come.

P.P.S-Our annual deadlifting contest for charity will be Saturday, December 12th. If you’d like to participate, you can send an email to matt@newellstrength.com

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