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Is it Possible to Run a Full Marathon Fasted??

To call Mary a fitness enthusiast would be an understatement.

She came to Newell Strength about 2 years ago and later joined the Panda Challenge this past summer.

Mary is a highly competitive endurance athlete, so her fears about the Panda were more based in performance.

Well, I received a text from her this morning that read: ‘Good morning. Just had to let you know I ran the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday, 26.2 miles, all alone, fasted. Did not use nutrition, but did use a liquid IV which has electrolytes and almost zero sugar (just like the ‘juice’ drink I recommend). Not to mention, I was not well prepared with training because of my new job and my time was one of the better ones and I feel amazing today! The Panda is an absolute game changer!’

And here’s her short story of her experience with the Panda Challenge this past summer:

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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