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Is It Really 50/50?

Have you ever heard that a coin toss doesn’t care if it has landed on heads multiple times in a row? The next toss is still 50/50?

In other words, it has no bias, no memory, it’s just random chance?

But if it were really 50/50, wouldn’t that mean that it landed on it’s edge more often than not?

Yet, I have never seen this or heard of it.

So, it’s not really 50/50.

It sounds to me like that was just an easy way to explain something that sounded good in theory.

Just like cardio for weight loss.

This is something that needs to be understood so as to save you precious time and make you more efficient.

I will be covering this topic in depth in tomorrow’s podcast. In fact, the paper I wrote on this back in 2008 went viral before that was even a thing.

Stay tuned and remember, a coin toss is not 50/50….

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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