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Just One Degree Off

This past summer, I moved my office to our garage.

The shed became usable to me only for about half of the year because of the elements, so Suzy suggested I try the garage.

You see, our house isn’t all that big, which means there is literally nowhere for me to go inside the house to work.

But by golly, the garage has been working out great. I have a space heater that I turn on when I know I am going to be working there for a period of time and I can get it to about 65 degrees near my desk, which is just fine by me.

However, if the boys open the garage to go outside and play and leave it open for even five minutes, the temperature drops by 1-2 degrees and a chill sets in, making it an unworkable environment for me.

That’s all it takes to make the difference.

Your environments are a HUGE factor in how your brain functions, yet most people aren’t aware of how sensitive their brain is to their environments.

Always be aware of your environment.

And realize that environment number 1 is inside your head.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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