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Know What You Need

A week and a half ago we went to the Poconos for a nice, short getaway.

It was a family ski trip, although I am not much of a skier.

Anyhow, we’ve come out of the gates blazing in 2022 with Newell Strength and have had so many different events and seminars, that I could feel myself fatiguing and grinding to a halt. My brain was turning to mush.

Ideas are great, but the brain cannot and should not multi-task.

10 years ago, I would have pushed through and the outcomes would have been average to mediocre, no heart in them.

However, on the Thursday that we left, I said to myself, ‘Stop. Shut your business brain off for a few days and indulge your ID.’

That I did and I can’t tell you how much more fresh and ready to go I feel.

The process to growth is learning yourself and learning from past mistakes.

‘Know thyself 'is a famous two word quote for a reason.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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