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Know When You Are Done

A couple of weeks ago, in my quest to become more well rounded as a man, I began to lay a front patio made of pavers.

A couple of buddies of mine gave me pointers and my one bud, Frank, even spent an entire day here helping me work.

This project was extra special for me because I know that Leo, my recently deceased grandfather, was watching me. He was an Italian stone mason his entire career, minus fighting in WW2.

I used to work with him as a teen and now look back and kick myself for not paying more attention, but that’s youth for you.

I know the areas I am weak in and going to embrace them.

Anyhow, by the end of that Sunday when Frank was here, my body was shot and my mind was fried. I wanted to a do a little more, but Devon made the wise call of having me stop.

Nothing more productive was going to be done that day, my capacity was running on E.

Know when you are done and come back to play another day. And if you don’t have that ability to know, then surround yourself by someone that can make that call for you.

Nothing good happens when you are fatigued.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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