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Laugh Later or Laugh Now?

About a week and a half ago, my good friend Jacques Crush-toe was over to help me assemble the new swing set for the boys.

When I got home to meet him, I noticed that my socket wrench kit was in shambles, which meant that someone opened it wrong.

Suzy ratted out the Munch Man, but no biggie.

But of course, the job called for just such tools, so I scooped it up and brought it to the front yard to organize, which is tedious and took about 10 minutes.

So organized, so nice.

Well, as soon as a grabbed the pair I needed and turned to walk over to help Jacques, I heard that all-too familiar sound of the kit being opened the wrong way, once again.

And yup, it was Munchie take two.

Now, in these situations you have two options: to be mad and throw a tantrum or to laugh at the situation.

I learned long ago that if you are going to look back at something and laugh at it then you mind as well laugh at it now.

Life is to short to not laugh every chance you get.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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