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Learn How to Be a Better Student

A couple of weeks ago, I was fixing one of our ceilings, which meant finishing off the project with installing sheetrock.

The night hadn’t gone exactly as planned but I had it on my mind that I was going to get this project completed by night’s end.

I failed.

But I won, because I knew when to stop.

Actually, Devon knew when I should stop.

Frustration was seeping in and that would lead to a cycle if I allowed it to.

I stopped, slept on the project and woke up with fresh eyes.

I figured it out, or shall I say, my brain went to work while I slept.

Learning how to learn and complete tasks is a BIG part of being a student.

I am a student first, then all my other roles are right behind it.

I love the process of becoming a more well-rounded man.

Think about things differently.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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