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Life is About Relationships

Two weekends ago we had our team retreat at the Legacy House.

What’s the Legacy House?

Well, our great friends, Louie and Cynthia created this beautiful home down at the Jersey Shore.

They graciously allowed us to use it for the annual retreat.

We had a great time and we made a lot of memories.

But the main point I want to get across today is that the relationship Devon and I have with Lou and Cynthia was formed through the gym, Newell Strength.

11 years ago, I began to train their son, Michael.

Louie began training alongside Michael and quickly became a mentor and friend to me as well.

Now, they are like family to us.

That’s what happens at Newell Strength, you go for the training and you wind up developing relationships you could have never dreamed of.

Relationships are the key to a rich life.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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