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Love Hate

3 weekends ago, I was informed about some dude that was ranting and complaining about me at a local hangout.

I have become used to this as a monthly occurrence, the longer I have been ‘around’.

And to be honest, I have learned to love it.

When haters take time to talk about you and your mission, they are giving you the most valuable things they have; their time and attention.

Think about it.

That fact is often lost on them because for some reason they are all twisted up in the emotion of the idea of your ideas.

What other people think about you thought is really none of your business and most people aren’t going to think anything about you, period.

So, be honored when someone takes time out of their life to think about you with a visceral dislike for you.

By the way, this guy was doing this reportedly while wearing a Newell Strength shirt (you can’t make this stuff up).

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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