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Master Cleanse for a Master Mind

On September 7th, I began a ten day long trek with something known as the Master Cleanse.

Funny thing is, my energy was superb, even though I didn’t eat food for ten days.

In this episode of ULYIS, my energy hits a new high as I break down common eating myths including:

>Fake Fitness Experts that say One Meal Per day is Wrong

>The fallacy of caloric deficits

>The beauty of dynamic energy

>Transmuting your energy

>Why the internal environment of your body determines how your body will change

You can take a listen to the episode here:

Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell

P.S-We are bringing back the 6 week, Newell Strength Hers challenge! The program begins on September 20th, if you are a woman looking to then head over to www.newellstrength.com/hers and fill out the form:)

P.P.S-People have been asking and here it is. The next Panda Challenge begins on October 4th. I have ten spots available. If you want serious, life changing results, this is your chance. You can apply by going to www.kylenewell.com/panda.

P.P.P.S-We are sponsoring an event for military and police men and women suffering from PTSD on this Sunday, September 26th. There will be music, drinks and food trucks! It will begin at 1 PM at Live FREE Farm located at 246 Spring Hill Road in Skillman.

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