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Member Experience of the Week: Peter Mora

Peter began with us a number of years ago in one of our exclusive Ripped Dads contests, which is in many ways, similar to our upcoming annual Fat Shredder contest.

At the time, Peter was a new father and a busy professional.

Here is Peter in his own words:

I was an active athlete through HS and other than that, my health strategy has been through general DIY research, workout DVD’s etc. I would say the closest I could compare this training experience to is that of my HS sports training, where you have a coach invested in your success, counseling you on form, explaining the reason why, being supportive of your goals, holding you accountable to show up and throwing out the gauntlet to improve. I am very happy with my choice in working out at Newell Strength and it has been a positive and great experience for me.

My strength is improving, I have learned more about my physical shape in the past month than I had understood in the past 20 years, my physical shape is improving whereas I can feel and see muscle where its not been in years, my attitude is healthier, my mind is clearer, I sleep better, I’m more at peace knowing that I am on a tangible physical health improvement journey with Kyle and his team.

I would say, this isn’t a typical gym, if you want to improve your physical health, you are open to being coached on form and strategy, you have a positive attitude, you don’t mind hard work and sweat, you need to check out Newell Strength to see if it’s a fit. In four weeks, I was able to drop 5% body fat and add 10 lbs. of muscle to my body, which I feel is an impressive accomplishment. I am very grateful to have the opportunity of being guided by the Newell Strength team on my physical health journey and would recommend the gym without hesitation.

The next Peter is out there, maybe it’s you….

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-Our Annual Fat Shredder Contest is BACK! This 6 Week Contest will be underway April 19th. 3 per team, must include 1 Female and 1 nonmember (can be the same person). We will only be accepting the first 20 teams at each location- Email dana@newellstrength.com to reserve your team’s spot!

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