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Mind Map: Lessons of Growth from the Boys

25 years ago, basketball rose to the forefront of my mind as my favorite sport to play.

At that time, I was a good athlete in multiple sports.

Yet, I got this itch that basketball was the way to go for me. In hindsight, maybe I should have stuck it out with the other sports too, but who knows, my path is my path.

I still play, in fact, I just played this past weekend.

One of the things that I have always loved about basketball besides the multitude of ways that I could apply my athletic abilities was the IQ of the sport.

I was really good at seeing the whole court, knowing when a guy should cut, where the ball should be, how to defend the best way possible and the list goes on.

In fact, this part of the game has become even more appealing to me as I’ve gotten older and as Devon reminds me ‘to play my age’, after suffering two of the worst knee injuries on record at the hands of basketball back in ‘12 and ‘14.

Anyhow, this isn’t about me, it’s about the learning I have been seeing from Brax and Colt.

Brax is 6 now and I haven’t pushed him into any sports forcibly. I plant the seed and see what happens. A few weeks ago, he wanted to play, so we did. We played 2 on 2 with his cousin and uncle.

And let me tell you, he was dramatically improved since the last time we went outside to play around the holidays.

His dribbling, defense, cutting, passing…

The list goes on.

And it wasn’t from my teaching him. He must be playing during recess or something. It was such a cool thing to see.

Such growth in such a short period of time.

Now, he is asking when we can sign up to play in a league.

He is learning at his own pace and because of that freedom, he now has found joy in the game.

Onto Colty. He learned in a different way this past weekend. On Sunday evening, after we got out of the hot tub, Devon had some hot Cocoa made for the kids. I was downstairs cleaning up when I heard him crying, fairly loud.

Apparently, he went to grab his hot Cocoa while Devon was over getting ice for it (that’s how the kids like it) and it spilled all over his bare body.

Devon was nervous, as any mom would be, so I took control of the situation and got some lukewarm water on him and got him to sit in the bath. I assessed and saw no blisters, just some red skin, which I knew was a good sign.

Devon wanted to know why he did that.

It didn’t matter I told her, he wanted his Cocoa, there wasn’t much forethought in his action.

But, he learned, I told her. I can guarantee you that he will never do that again.

Full circle: You learn through mistakes and you learn from the freedom to explore.

They are both intimately tied to together.

The freedom to explore is a BIG part of Mind Mapping and gaining trust in your process of growth. When you make a mistake, know why it was a mistake and then it might just turn out to be one of the best learning experiences you could have had.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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