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Mom Was Right About the Mattress

Two Saturdays ago, we had a township dumpster pass. It’s always nice to get rid of a bunch of crap that is sitting around taking up space.

The universe abhors a vacuum but if your vacuum is full of clutter, then you have no space for anything new and better to enter.

Anyhow, after loading up the truck with our load and dropping it off, I drove over to my parents to pick up some stuff for them.

I loaded up the couch and a few boxes and then my mom reminded me that I could take the heavy mattress that Devon and I had stored there a few years ago. So, we lugged it up the steps and proceeded t plop it on top of all the other stuff.

My mom told me to strap it down but I told her that it was heavy enough and I was only going a short distance and driving slowly at that.

Well, about a half a mile away from the entrance, out flew the mattress. Thank god no one was behind me!

I did a loopty-loop and got out, into the middle of the road to load it back up. There was no foul because there was no harm.

Yet, I tried to take the quick route and the easier way when I should have just heeded the advice of my mom.

Sometimes we need to just listen and apply, especially when the words are coming from someone older and wiser.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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