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Move More Muscle

Last week, during a Mind Map session, I found myself going back to foundations, as I usually do.

Fancy is cool, but useless most of the time.

Here is the thing, movement is THE key to changing your mindset.

Motion creates emotion.

Here’s the thought, start your day with some type of movement.

Not necessarily a full on workout, but something that allows you to move for ten minutes or so.

The sail for the winds of your days is set by your morning routine.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-We are having our annual Thanksgiving morning charity workout at 7AM on Thanksgiving morning. You will be done by 8. The more the merrier, feel free to bring family and friends! (It will be at our Hillsborough location).

P.P.S-If you’d like to get started with a specialty 6-week, 1 on 1 personal training plan, then shoot us an email at dana@newellstrength.com. We are here to help and we guarantee your satisfaction. We only have 3 of these options available at each location.

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