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‘My Nutritionist was Ripping Me’

A couple of summers ago, right before Emma was born, my great friend, Brandon Kelly, was out for a visit.

Brandon owns a very successful gym and supplement shop out in Chicago.

Anyhow, we spent some time down at our creek, feet in the water, talking about spirituality and fasting.

That planted the seed in his head to teach fasting to his following and beyond.

My mission with the Panda Diet has always been to help people to transform their lives through disciplined periods of not eating.

A buddy recently told me that a friend of his is a nutritionist and was ripping him for trying the Panda Diet.

I chuckled. The results speak for themselves and the message is spreading around the map.

I am not in a competition with nutritionists that feel threatened by Panda Fasting. It’s not for everyone and people that can’t or won’t examine fasting because of a marriage to the traditional North American Diet mentality are living a different reality than I am in regards to food.

A debate would be fruitless, entertaining nonetheless, but non productive.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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