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My Usain Bolt Moment

I can remember back to the summer of 1996, watching Michael Johnson sprint at the Atlanta Olympics.

It was a mesmerizing feat to witness.

And then Usain Bolt came along 12 years later and what I had thought was fast, was no longer as fast.

Bolt could fly!

Well, the other day, last Thursday to be exact, I was doing my hill work, which consists of weighted vest walking followed by a few hill sprints.

I’d estimate the hill to be a fifth of a mile long, it’s the real deal.

Anyhow, I time my hill sprints to see how I am progressing. When I first started doing them, I thought the upper 40’s was pretty good.

Until, the other day, when I broke the 40 second mark with a score of 39.8.

For me, it was amazing.

I credit it to figuring out the most efficient way to sprint for myself.

Once you know how to do a skill, and you continue to refine it, until you make it your own, you can make improvements by the smallest little tweaks.

Next time you see that flash of lightning go by your house, it might just be me.

Be Unconventional-Kyle Newell

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