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Mystical Magnet Man

Two Sundays ago, the same Sunday night that I burned the brownies, I went over to my friend Yvonne’s house to get magnetic frequency treatment from another friend of hers.

It was pretty wild, feeling him using his machine, transmitting magnetic currents through my body.

The experience further drove home the point to me that everything is energy, it's all around us and it can and does have a great influence on us. In fact, we are made up of energy and information (everything in the universe is).

It brought me into a deep state of relaxation which lasted the night.

Maybe that’s why I made the mistake of frying the brownies to a crisp.

Nevertheless, make sure you are taking time each week to ‘soothe your sympathetic nervous system’ a term I came up with years ago. In short, this means, relax, have fun and get into the other side of your nervous system that isn’t survival based.

Your mind and spirit will thank you.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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