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No Better Feeling in the World

By this point, we will know whether or not I was able to summit Mt. Washington.

We went this past weekend and I always write these a week ahead of time as part of my weekly routine.

In case you weren’t aware, last year, we went up to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire for their winter ascent. 3 of the guys made it, 2 of us did not.

I burnt myself up in the steep part of the climb (fear of heights) and pushed through, but didn’t have enough left mentally to continue on all the way to the summit, 6200 ft. up.

This year, I had a different mindset. I have no fear. I have practiced in my mind, I’ve put myself in all sorts of positions the past few weeks in which I can feel a visceral fear response rise up.

I overcame each time.

Even two weekends ago, we went skiing as a family (only my third time ever) and I had that fear rise up. I examined it, realized it was irrational and overcame it.

In fact, to me, there is no better feeling in the world than having a fear and conquering it. In the moment, it can be crippling, but if you can focus on the next step, the next moment and do the thing, you will come out the other side as a champion.

It is really quite exhilarating and it’s growth.

Find out what you are really afraid of (it’ll make you feel more life) and figure out how to overcome it.

You can thank me later.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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