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Nothing Will Clear Your Mind Like This

About 9 years ago, I ordered a DVD about Dao-Zhu.

What’s Dao-Zhu you ask? Well, no doubt you’ve heard me talk about it before, it’s the Chinese form of backwards walking.

And while most people don’t feel that they have the time to meditate, they can get the same benefits or more by adding in a short session of backwards walking.

For most human brains, the idea of sitting idle is a far leap with so much going on in their busy lives.

But if they are feeling productive, such as moving, then they are better able to see the benefits as to what they are doing.

Walking backwards clears the clutter from your brain and it helps to diminish an overactive nervous system (survival mode: fight, flight or freeze).

Start with a ten minute backwards walk and note how the rest of the day goes.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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