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Off the Top Rope

A few weekends ago, I had just gotten back from a hike with the boys and dogs.

The ladder was set up in the living room because we were in the midst of decorating for Christmas.

Well, Braxton is no stranger to the ladder.

So, when he climbed up, I wasn’t thinking much about it.

But, when he decided to jump off the top of the 8 foot ladder and try to land a flying elbow on one of the ottomans, I was a little surprised. The ladder kicked out as he jumped because of his angle of force and boom, we heard a thump.

He banged up his foot and was no worse for the wear, a few tears was all.

Now he knows not to jump off the top of the ladder. Lesson learned, memory made.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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P.P.S-Our annual Festivus Charity Party for charity will be this Saturday, December 12th. We have live reindeer and it's a good time for all. If you’d like some normalcy in your life and to give the kids some holiday magic, then certainly come. Price of admission is a dish (it’s potluck) and a minimum $10 donation for Mike Scappino.

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