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Old Memories, New Beginnings

A few weekends ago, we tore up the old red side and began the process of closing it down for good.

Throughout the few weeks prior, people kept asking me if I was sad. And not even trying to be smart, I would ask, ‘Sad about what?’

They of course, were referring to the closing of an era. It hadn’t crossed my mind.

Good or bad, I have always been able to ‘clear the calculator’ with the snap of a finger when it came to relationships.

And make no mistake about it, I had a relationship with that red side. It was the side that launched me into Newell Strength without the safety net of teaching. In fact, 8 years ago today we had our first training session in that particular gym.

One day, I will sit back with a beer and reminisce about that, but for now it’s on to new beginnings.

Everything is constantly changing, it’s not bad, it’s evolution of life.

I will forever be honored for the memories that side blessed my life with as well as the human relationships that were formed on that side and I will carry that energy forth.

The future is bright for you and I, my friend.

Happy New Years.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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