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One Flew Over the Edge

When we picked up our new chickens over a week ago, I hadn’t yet put a top on the pen.

A couple of my buddies told me not to worry and that if predators such as hawks or owls became an issue, then to put up the deer netting over top.

I never thought that one of the chickens flying out would be an issue.

But of course, within 20 minutes, that’s exactly what happened.

And it was really just because Mateena, our silver lab, was scaring the heck out of them.

Devon nearly saved the chicken from escape but it was able to escape her grasp and just like that, we went from 6 to 5 chickens.

We spent some time looking but it was of no use.

Where we live, it was as good as gone.

Yet, I told Devon that I thought it would come back.

I wasn’t really worried in the least because either it was gone or it would come back. And either way, we learned.

Well, when her and the Brax went out to check on them around 7 pm, wouldn’t you know it, there she was, sitting on top of the newly constructed roof.

There’s rarely ever a reason to actually worry in life.

What good does it do you?

Now think about what bad it does for you.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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