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Our Friend, the One Flippered Dolphin

A couple of weeks ago, while staying with our in-laws in Florida, we went out on Big Dave’s boat (my father in law).

He took us to a secluded island for lunch on the beach and for a nice day in the sun.

The kids were loving everything about it, including the ride out to our destination.

Well, on the way back, while in the inlet, Big Dave spotted a dolphin.

He told us he was going to try and get a little closer to it and that he did.

The dolphin came right up to the boat, literally, and hung around for a good ten minutes, almost as if it were trying to communicate with us. The kids were going crazy!

We noticed he only had one flipper and you could see scars from what looked like a boating accident.

When we set out on the day, we had no idea that we would have this magical moment and memory.

But, life is that way.

Each day has its own unfolding of events and memories.

On each day of our vacation, we had a vague idea of what we would like to do but each day brought with it many great moments and memories. Reality is magical, each day brings unexpected moments, which are to be embraced.

If you think you can control each minute, you are sadly mistaken. Plan when appropriate, otherwise, enjoy life.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-Our Annual Fat Shredder Contest is BACK! This 6 Week Contest will be underway April 19th. 3 per team, must include 1 Female and 1 nonmember (can be the same person). We will only be accepting the first 20 teams at each location- Email dana@newellstrength.com to reserve your team’s spot!

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