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Persistence is a Prized Possession

15 years ago, I first heard the expression: ‘Repetition is the mother of all skill’.

And it makes sense.

Anything that is a skill can be learned, just a matter of how long you are willing to focus on it.

Another word for repetition is persistence.

I am fully convinced that the only difference between those that succeed on a high level and those that live an average existence is a matter of persistence.

Persistence is a prized possession.

So, how do you go about applying this?

One thing that has been working well for me is I keep a blank 30 day calendar on the fridge (if you want a copy of a bland one just shoot me an email and I’ll send it over). Each day that I complete my morning routine, I get an ‘x’. My daily goal is to complete my morning routine.

And I set the target of doing this for 90 straight days and seeing where that puts me.

The morning is the foundation. But that’s a different article altogether.


Start with just 5 minutes a day of meditation, reading, visualization, any skill that can help you.

Once that five minutes takes hold, it’ll grow on its own.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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