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Protect Your Energy, Be Like Water

A week and a half ago, my long time friend gave me a buzz to tell me a few stories.

He had had his in-laws over and there were some spirits going down, which led to his father in law stepping over his boundaries about some of his personal beliefs regarding everything going on in the world.

My buddy kept his cool and refused to engage in an emotional way.

He exited the area for a little bit to bring out the garbage (with Mind Map, always get away from the ‘gunman’ until emotions or the threat has dissipated.

He came back and the father in law was still chirping.

So, he said, listen, you guys have a good night, I am not going to engage in this anger filled interaction. I’ll see you guys later.

That’s it.

Problem solved.

He was like Bruce Lee used to say, ‘Be like water. When water goes into the cup, it becomes the cup….’

Water is the most powerful force in nature, yet it’s the softest. It can adapt to any type of terrain.

Many lessons can be learned from Bruce Lee’s simple sayings.

Check them out some time.

Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell

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