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Re-Discover the Power and Beauty of Your Youth

3 weeks ago, the night before we left for vacation, we were watching the 80’s movie, Stand by Me.

It’s a nostalgic movie for me, plus I am a BIG Stephen King fan.

Well, before you know it, the whole family is watching, which was a surprise as I just had it on in the background for the aforementioned nostalgic reasons while I was prepping for vacation.

There are so many reasons it brings back memories for me, but one of the key points, summed up nicely at the end of the movie is the line, ‘I never had friends again like I did that summer when I was 12. But then again, does anyone?’


So true for me.

On the second to last day of vacation, myself, Brax and Colt went to one of the lakes to swim around and have some fun and during one point in time, while they were building a water way with the sand, I had the soundtrack from Stand by Me playing on my portable speaker, just watching the beauty of their youth in awe.

Even though those years have passed me and you by, you can still observe them and bring them back to your mind through the use of music.

Think about that.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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