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Real Change Happens in a Flash

Two weeks ago, my longtime friend and client, O, was doing a one on one session with me when he said, ‘Man, I’ve been wanting to start here again for at least a year and a half. And then, my friend died and that was it, I made the decision.’

Most people think that beginning a new lifestyle has to be a long, drawn out process.

It doesn’t and it isn’t, if you do it right.

Real change happens in a fraction of a second.

The moment when you decide that you are going forth and ‘burning the ships’ behind you.

You may think about it for a while, but thought needs to be followed by action or nothing happens. (This is where so many people misunderstood the book ‘The Secret’).

Decision is action. Decision means to cut off, to sever, from other possibilities.

And, by the way, O dropped 7 pounds of fat one week into his program. Amazing!

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-The legendary Ripped Dads contest is back and spots are flying off the shelves! The contest begins March 15th and is 45 days and has multiple (new) components to it. Only consider this if your heart is telling you it’s time to take the next step in your life and become the Dad you know you can be. You can apply for a spot by reaching out directly to me via text at 908-229-6666.

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