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Ribbon Cutting Relationships

A few weeks ago, we had a Ribbon Cutting at a project we’ve been working on for quite some time.

You see, we are opening up a private Senior Home, the first of its kind in NJ.

There is a whole story of perseverance within that project, much stress and wanting to quit, but we didn’t.

That’s not in our blood.

If there was ever a time that I have tested the powers of visualization, this was it.

Anyhow, it was my role to set up the ribbon cutting ceremony and that I did.

It was an honor to have two Assemblymen there from NJ, one of whom used to be a client, now a very good friend (he was instrumental in helping us to open NS last year in defiance of the lockdowns) and another that I randomly reached out to.

And for those of you that get your panties in a wad over politics, stop being a baby, both of these men sit on different sides of the aisle (there’s a lesson in that too).

I learned long ago that life and forward progress often revolves around relationships.

Build them, nurture them and cultivate them, but do not, I repeat, do not, do this out of selfishness.

Always think about how you can help the other person.

The assemblyman that I didn’t know, lets say, now I know. Suga Shane and I chatted with him for 90 minutes after the fact and have a date to grab a walk with him later this week.

It never hurts to ask.

The worst someone can do to you is say no.

Remember, no is just a word.

Your brain perceives it as rejection, don’t buy into that story.

Don’t just build your body, build relationships.

Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell

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P.P.S-People have been asking and here it is. The next Panda Challenge begins on October 4th. I have ten spots available. If you want serious, life changing results, this is your chance. You can apply by going to www.kylenewell.com/panda.

P.P.P.S-We are sponsoring an event for military and police men and women suffering from PTSD on this Sunday, September 26th. There will be music, drinks and food trucks! It will begin at 1 PM at Live FREE Farm located at 246 Spring Hill Road in Skillman.

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