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Ripped Dads: There is a Difference Between Hunting and Killing

2 years ago, I went hunting for the first time.

Last year, I really got into ‘it’.

I am fortunate to have a great friend and mentor with hunting, Dr. Fast, aka by buddy Richie.

In fact, as I am writing this, the sun is just coming up and I am going to go sit on my creek and hunt for a bit.

I realize that not all of you are hunters, but that’s okay, there are lessons everywhere.

But, I do believe most men should know how to hunt. Just as men should know some type of martial art and should know how to protect their family with their hands first.

Hunting connects our primal spirit to the modern day age of technology, which has made us weak and soft in many ways.

Think about this: what connects you more to God and Mother Nature….clicking a button to order food on your phone or going out to sit in nature and realizing that YOU are a part of the dance that is unfolding before you?

Ok, now let me get to the lesson that I think is relevant for you, today.

I don’t believe that one should kill just to kill. I go as far as to try to not kill any insects, but rather grab them and let them go free outside.

Guys that hunt to kill don’t get ‘it’.

Killing as a thought is of lower vibrational energy.

Hunting is strategic, it takes patience, it takes a plan, it takes preparation. Hunting has a purpose. Hunting is providing and honoring that which you hunt.

Killing is something else.

Yes, in a hunt, you will ultimately have to take life. But for what purpose? If you don’t know that going in, then don’t hunt.

Now, in your life, you are to be the hunter. Maybe you aren’t outside with your crossbow, but you are hunting something. If not, you need to change your mindset real quick.

Refer to the above for what goes into hunting.

Each day, you are the hunter, because you are the MAN.

Are you living with patience?

Do you develop a plan for your life each day, the night before?

Are you preparing by sharpening your proverbial ‘saw’.

Are you in shape for the hunt of your life?

Some stuff for you to think about as we travel through the final days of 2021.

Think Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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