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Sick of What You Are Thinking? Then Change the Channel..

Back in 2014, when I first started to learn about Mind Mapping from Dax Moy, I was already intensely passionate about mental fitness and the power of the mind.

Mind Map has given me a tool and passion to explain the patterns of the human mind and how the mind works in terms of habit formation.

And because life is what you make of it, I have added my own unique twists and takes on it and have different aspects I teach of it, including the power of thoughts and visualization.

You have an innate desire within you to BEcome someone great, let’s get clear on that first. As the Professor has taught me, desire comes even before perception when it comes to creating your reality.

With everything going on in this day and age, it's easy to become all consumed by the craziness and anger and divisiveness that the mainstream media and social media would want you to believe.

You are literally choosing to tune into those channels if you find yourself having to consume these mediums every day.

And where your attention goes, energy flows and results will follow.

Just like you can choose to change the channel on the radio or television, you can choose to change the channel of where you are placing your focus and attention on a daily basis.

Allow me to use myself as an example.

Right about at the turn of the new year, I was in a funk, unlike any I have been through before. There were a few circumstances that were contributing to that state of being, but Devon called me out one night.

She said, ‘Kyle, you cannot fix the world. Stop focusing on how you can fix the world’s problems.’ It was simple and to the point. It was not meant in a mean way at all, but the point was received loud and clear.

We have problems in life, which are a good thing. If you have a problem, it means that there is a solution and path for you to learn and grow. That is struggle in one sense, which is a key component to living life on its highest terms (seeking out struggle and realizing it's here each and every day; so you better not wish for a lazy, struggle free life).

I was placing a lot of my focus on trying to figure out a solution to something that wasn’t a problem, but rather a predicament.

A predicament is something you don’t have control over in an external sense. So, when faced with a predicament, such as we have in society today on multiple fronts, don’t try to solve it, but instead focus on how you are going to play the game of life within that predicament.

What are you going to focus on? What is your daily routine looking like? Are you going to feed your mind and spirit with positive thoughts and words and readings or are you going to continue to get lost in the whirlwind of the MSM and social media?

Change the channel, both literally and figuratively to something that makes you better and gives you control. When you make this commitment, your mind can move forward and face the day with calmness and responsiveness.

Commit to playing the daily game of life in a way that serves your overall being and development.

What you focus on expands.

-Kyle Newell

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