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Simple and Expertise Go Together

It first became apparent to me in college, as an undergrad in the prestigious exercise science program at the University of Delaware, that people in the field of fitness liked to complicate things.

This comes from a lack of confidence.

Yes, a lot of people in fitness got into the field because of a lack of confidence, yours included.

There’s nothing with that.

The problem is when that lack of confidence remains and they want to over teach and over complicate to show ‘how smart they are’.

One of the simplest things in movement and fitness is knowing leverage and biomechanical principles.

Hold a weight closer to your body and you have more mechanical advantage.

Hold the same weight extended, away from your body and it feels heavier.

You can take this ‘lever arm’ principle and know more than 99% of trainers out there.

At a bodybuilding show I was at with Kai recently, I had some time so I checked out the Instagram of one of the many characters there. He was an IFBB pro I had never heard of.

Anyhow, one of the videos on his page was him using a squat contraption and saying how they had to rig a bunch more weight to the machine because they maxed it out.

Problem was, the weight they added, and where they added it, actually added no resistance to the exercise.

How’d I know? Simple, I watched the video and knowing the lever arms, I saw the added weight was only moving an inch or two, because they had placed it right at the fulcrum (think of the middle of a see-saw).

Anyways, I digress.

Point is, expertise is simple or shall I say, taught simply.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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