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Some Straight Talk About Your Diet

Listen up.

Because there are a few things that I think will help you as you try to navigate the nutty world of dieting and nutrition when it comes to all the fitness experts out there.

First off, address the mind. You, stress eating and not being able to control yourself isn’t about diet. It’s about stress. Address the root of the problem.

Most fake fitness experts would have you believe that if you just diet harder, which itself is a HUGE stressor, you’ll be able to break through any plateaus.

Never add more stress to an already stressed out individual.

The answer to feeling overwhelmed is never more stuff.

Start by going for 10 minute walks and learning how to breathe properly.

Secondly, you don’t solve a food problem by adding more food to the mix.

Despite what you’ve been told, you are going to speed up your metabolism by eating multiple meals per day, even if those foods are ‘clean’ as the FFE say.

When looking at food and nutrition, its about the effects it has on the hormonal system and then what micronutrients you are getting from those foods.

Yup, that’s it.

The problem is, that most fake fitness experts don’t have the insider scoop because they’ve been brainwashed like the rest of the masses that success lies in cutting out whole food groups and weighing every morsel of food.

Figure these two things out or hire a Coach that can and you’ll be on your weigh(yes, I know its spelled wrong).

-Kyle Newell

P.S-If you'd like a FREE copy of our Fasting Manual, you can go to www.newellstrength.com/if-manual

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