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Take the Road Less Traveled

11 some years ago, I decided to break up with Devon.

And by flipping through a book, The Road Less Traveled, in a Barnes and Noble in Kentucky during our hiatus, I read something that made me realize my terrible mistake.

That story is for a different time though.

This is about the philosophy of taking the road less traveled.

When everyone is going right, go left.

When everyone is going down, go up.

It never fails in any area of life from my experience.

As an example, I recently had a pretty bad hamstring tear. I popped it a few years back doing heavy lunges but was able to recover in about 8 days, an injury which normally takes people 4-6 weeks to recover from by following the ‘road less traveled’.

That protocol, which I am currently following once again, involves non-rest (keep your blood moving) and heating the area. Everyone tells you to ice when you get an injury and in my humble but accurate opinion, this is wrong and has always been wrong for healing.

It's just another example doing the opposite of what most would do.

Even when you don’t know the right answer or what to do, observe the masses and do the opposite and you’ll be right on track.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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