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I was first exposed to this concept a few years ago and then was reminded of it again while reading a newsletter by a Coach of mine, Matt Furey.

Positive tension exists when you have a goal, long term or short term, that will bring some type of benefit or pleasure into your life.

Now, being that it’s a goal, it’s future based.

I rail about too much future based thought, but when used properly, it can be extremely beneficial.

Being future based, it creates a tension, think of a rope that is pulling you along.

A negative tension would be something that you bring bad energy to and that you are looking to avoid, like a confrontation.

So, the key is, how do you create more positive tension in your life?

(A real simple example would be a great meal that you are looking forward to when you are hungry).

And yes, I know how to do this, but if I give you the answers, you don’t learn to the same degree.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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