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The #1 Secret to Success

Back in 2007, in my first year back to competing in bodybuilding from a hiatus due to mental health, I set the goal of winning the Mid-Atlantic.

You see, I had a dream of winning the Team Universe one day and becoming a natural pro bodybuilder. It was all consuming.

So, in 2007, I won the overall at the South Jersey the week before the Mid-Atlantic and I was pumped. Using that as a tune up show, I knew I was poised to go in and achieve my goal at the Mid-Atlantic show.

And when I tell you that I was on fire during those 4 months of preparation, I was on fire! There was no stopping me. In fact, that’s when I had the vision of starting Champion’s Choice Personal Training (later to transform into Newell Strength).

Yup, Newell Strength was just a twinkle in the eyes of Mother Creation/Nature at that time. But the inspiration was there to spark the flames, because as I said, I was on fire for life.

Back to the Mid-Atlantic in 2007. I show up with a calm confidence, proceed to weigh-ins and I see this monster. That monster’s name was Tim Martin, who would later go on to win the Team Universe and become a professional bodybuilder.

I knew the moment I saw him that I could not beat him. He was at another level. Was I disappointed? Nope, because I had the goal of winning that show, but who else showed up was out of my control.

And more importantly, I knew I had done every possible thing in my power to get ready that season. I lived with a discipline ‘unbeknownst to mankind’.

It was that year of competition that I learned more about the journey of life than in my other 6 competitions combined.

I focused on living a disciplined life. Each day, I had a plan and I followed my plan. Looking back on it, discipline was my goal.

Discipline is the key to success in any field.

With that in mind, set your goals, set them lofty, the set them smaller based on those lofty goals, but focus on discipline each moment and each day.

Discipline is what leads to a fulfilled and free life. Don’t focus on the 20 pounds you want to lose, instead focus on the discipline each day that you pledge to yourself that you will act on each day. The metrics are just an effect.

Once you realize that discipline is the master cause, you will connect the dots and come to realize that it is the key to all success.

Do not be in a rush, be disciplined with the here and now, do what is in front of you and relish the path of success.

Most importantly, know what success means to you.

-Kyle Newell

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