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The Beginner’s Mindset

Two Saturday’s ago, at my Mastermind seminar, during the final portion, I found myself sitting with two young, driven, brand new ‘gym’ owners.

I sat right in the middle of them and we had some great banter.

I reflected and realized that for me, this is a common occurrence at these types of events.

I try to mingle with everyone and yes, I am a big introvert, which means that I know when I need to keep quiet (in order to recharge).

But, I think the main reason I find myself with newbie’s often is because in my mind, I am just starting out.

I feel that I am not 10% of what my potential is and that beginner’s mind is what keeps us locked in.

When you feel that you made it, you can let pride overtake you.

And remember, pride cometh before the fall.

Keep a beginner’s attitude at all times.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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