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The Case of Mistaken Height

On Memorial Day weekend, I was at my sister in law’s surprise 40th party, hanging with friends and family.

Two of the guys there, two of my very best friends, Jabba and Jacques Crush Toe, were chatting with me when the issue of height came up.

Jabba claims he is 5’7” and Jacques claims he is 5’2”.

The only issue is that they are the same exact height!!!!

We had them get back to back and yup, same height.

So whom was the one that was correct?

I’d say neither, they are probably both right in the middle of that.

But, the thing is, whether they think they are five-seven or five-two, that’s their reality.

Even though they are the same exact height, Jabba goes through life living through the eyes of a five foot seven person and Jacques sees through the eyes of a five foot two person.

Not literally, but perceptually.

Perception is reality.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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