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The Difference Between Mental Toughness and Head Strong

Last week, as I sat outside for a few moments, a thought crossed my mind, so I made note of it.

Before I get into it, take attention, when you take a moment to just BE, all types of thoughts will seem to pop up out of nowhere.

Start taking time to just sit for a moment and see what ideas come to you. You don't always need to be running in the rat race, sometimes you need to slow down and just sit.

Ok, so here was my thought: There is a difference between someone that is purely headstrong and someone that is mentally tough.

I know, they don’t need to be mutually exclusive, but for clarity’s sake, I am separating them.

Remember, it’s all about connecting the dots.

When someone is headstrong, they are stubborn. They would rather spend all their energy proving their point rather than asking themselves, ‘What are the other alternatives?’

Headstrong is a position of ego.

We’ve all been there.

Creating a projection in your mind of an ‘enemy’ force is headstrong and let me tell you, when you have an enemy, you are sucked into the same energy whirlpool that the very enemy you think you oppose is involved in.

Make no mistake, don’t be lukewarm (or I shall spit you out :)).

Mental toughness is different, it’s about being tough and disciplined in your own thoughts.

Recognizing that you don’t know everything and that you need to examine alternative points of view is tough, the EGO hates it.

Mental toughness is working your brain in challenging ways every day: learning, writing, inner dialogue, physical skills both gross and fine and on and on.

Remember, you get tough when you apply friction.

Being only headstrong means you avoid friction and you refuse to go with the flow of life.

Here’s a secret I’ll close with: the river of life is going in one direction, don't’ fight it, be one with it and observe more than you directly participate.

-Kyle Newell

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