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The Double Sided Coin of Thinking

Last week, as I was driving to a Mind Map session, I made a quick video about thinking and thought.

For most, thinking is a disease.

Or shall I say, an addiction.

How so?

Well, think about what most of your thoughts are about. Are they about the here and now? Are they about doom and gloom?

Better yet, can you stop your incessant stream of thoughts, if even only for a few moments?

This is how thought controls most people. Now, let’s forget about quieting the mind for a moment.

Do you ever have focused thinking time? Time where you carve out 30 minutes to an hour to just think on a specific question and write down your thoughts?

If you do, you’re in the rare. This is viewed as a luxury to most people, something they don’t have time for.

Yet, it’s one of the most valuable practices you can put into your schedule.

Are you using thought or is thought using you?

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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