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The Little Known Secret of Exercise Programs

3 weeks ago, during a Mind Map session, before we dove a little deeper, the client wanted to talk about workouts.

He is currently working out at home and even though he has been in the fitness game for decades, he still gets confused with what workout is best for him.

My reply?

‘Working out is more for your brain than anything else. With that in mind, the best workout is the one that you are going to be most mentally engaged in. That means you may have to switch up the methodology from time to time’.

Novelty is a HUGE turn on for the human brain.

So, the next time you read about the perfect workout told to you by a fake fitness expert, telling you about the reps, sets and more, all you have to do to hear through the clutter is to ask yourself if it's a workout program that excites you.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

P.S-If you feel like you are at a dead end with your fitness and have no idea where to begin, we got you. All you have to do is email dana@newellstrength.com and she will provide you the guidance you are looking for, no strings attached.

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