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The Movie Maestro

Wednedays are my day to be on full dad duty while Devon gets a full day of work in.

It’s a great switch up for both of us. I always look forward to it.

Well, 2 Wednesdays ago, I had decided that Braxton, Colt and I would make our first home movie.

I sketched out the movie with Brax and then we got to filming. After filming, he sat with me as I compiled on to my computer and made it into a 4 minute movie.

I think he’s already watched it 10 times or so. He is so proud and you can see how his brain is thinking of the possibilities.

It was a great memory for all of us, and Colty had some guest cameos and great special effect sounds to put the finer touches into it.

We look forward to adding it to our weekly routine.

Thought, word, action.

I always go back to this; it’s how you bring something forth, an idea or inspiration, into the physical world. The formula works for anything.

If Brax can use it, so can you.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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