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The Secret of Making People Like You

I remember way back to high school, how awkward I would feel at parties and dances.

I was such an introvert, and still am, the only difference is now I have the mindset and awareness of how to deal with my energy as an introvert.

Besides being an introvert, I felt awkward because I was always worried about fitting in.

Then, towards the later years in high school and college, I slowly stopped giving a you know what, about whether I fit in.

I started to dive into studying and thinking and talking about the things that truly interested me.

Turns out, people are interested in those that follow their path.

So, the secret to making people like you is to simply be yourself. You’ll know when you’re hiding your authentic self because you’ll have a bad feeling in your gut.

Realize that we are all weird.

It’s just that the people that embrace their weirdness are usually the ones that leave a lasting legacy in this world.

And, if people don’t like you, as I said last week, GOOD!

You have a duty to be true to yourself.

Your soul will thank you.

Be Unconventional – Kyle Newell

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