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The Third M of Mind Map: Meaning

As I have gotten older, I have become better at realizing that when you receive news or the ‘can we talk’ type of message, it’s nothing more than information.

Let me back up a step.

Most people don’t realize that the brain craves clarity and that way it can formulate a response, a prediction.

So, the very worst type of message you can send to someone is of this sort: ‘Hey, can we talk on Friday?’

It drives me bonkers that people behave like this, all it takes is ‘about….’.

Boom, clarity arrives and all is well again, even if the perceived topic might be an uncomfortable conversation.

I digress though, most people won’t conform nor do they care to learn about the brain and the best way to approach conversations and interactions.

Nonetheless, in this scenario, I have gotten really, really good and reminding myself that whatever the topic, it’s simply information.

Do not let your brain jump to conclusions and ‘what-ifs’.

In order to formulate an appropriate response to anything in life, we need to assign meaning to the situation at hand.

Many times, we are using old meaning maps, and just like a terrain map, it was only a representation of the land at the time of the making.

This meaning stuff is powerful once you realize that it can be applied to your morals, beliefs and values, and roles in life.

Before I leave you, here are the 3 steps: define-granulate the idea, until it is like small grains of sand in which you can clearly see the separate parts. Then, refine-add nuance to it and know what it does ‘not look like’ and finally align:

What does the result/behavior look like in action?

Got to wonder why this is never taught to people, but I know the answer to that.

Anyhow, hopefully, this plants a seed in your head to start questioning the meaning you are assigning to certain areas of your life.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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