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The Time Traveling Party Bus

A couple of weekends ago, we had a surprise 40th party for one of my long-time buddies down the shore.

His wife was kind enough to get us a party bus.

When I say us, there were 5 couples, all of which get along fabulously.

And that means that time flies.


Because, when you’re having fun, time flies.

When you’re not having fun, time drags on.

I believe that time has sped up as the history of the world has gone on.

Think about it: if you went back a billion years and looked at a chunk of 20,000 of those years, where maybe not much was happening and then you examined the past 20,000 years, where so many millions of things have happened, it would appear that the more recent 20,000 years have gone by much faster.

Nonetheless, time is an interesting thing and one worth examining when it comes to your own life.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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