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The WW2 Tank We Found the Other Night

Two Fridays ago, we went back to our favorite Italian restaurant in a little town just over the bridge nearby.

We had some friends up for a week to stay at our house and thought this would be the perfect way to end their trip.

After dinner, we asked them if they wanted to go take a stroll around the abandoned complex nearby that Devon and I had visited just one week earlier.

We started to venture in and around the building when lo and behold, Old Mill Phil says to me, ‘Kyle, there’s a tank over there!’

And wouldn’t you know it, there was. Turns out it was a WW2 tank. I have no idea why it’s sitting in this abandoned building but it was cool as heck to see and tank pictures of.

I may have to submit it to Weird NJ.

The point being, I love to explore creepy places; if we hadn’t ventured back there we wouldn’t have the shared experience of finding a tank, something I’ll probably remember forever.

If you don’t explore life, you are going to miss a lot of ‘tanks’.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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