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This Can Lead to Blurred Lines

As life has gone on, I have gotten better and more swift at making decisions.

I am usually not one to hem and haw.

And if you know how your brain works, you will see that if you are always putting yourself in situations where you have to make a decision, you will have blurred lines of what is allowed and what isn’t.

When you are trying to transform your life, you need to have clear rules of discipline that you are going to live by, no matter what.

If you are trying to stick with diet strategy and are always giving into peer pressure and straying from your plan, its not will power, it’s simply that you don’t have hard and fast rules.

Habits and in this case, habit of thought, allows you to free up headspace because you don’t have to think about it any longer.

And a decision not made or constantly having to make them eat up an enormous amount of mental energy.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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